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“To save one life is to save the whole of humanity.”

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Hi, I’m Molly

 For me helping people is something that I have always been extremely passionate about, we all have a purpose in life and I am certain that this is mine...


Are you a school or an organisation that works with children?

My work provides your school with results-driven strategies to boost mental resilience and help students rediscover their confidence.

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Free Consultation

Book a free 15-minute consultation call now!

Want more information on any of my well-being services? If you are wondering how hypnotherapy, coaching, or how any of my workshops could benefit you, your staff or your students, now is your opportunity to find out.

Book below for a call where you can discover more info about my services, prices and availability.

Since 2019 I have been working in the corporate world delivering workshops, motivational talks, mindfulness classes, and staff hypnosis. These sessions provide new and innovative ways of improving staff performance. After all, your biggest investment is your people, and I help you achieve your return. Improving the mental health and well-being of your staff is not only a great illustration of care and compassion, but it's also a way of assuring that employee morale and productivity are maintained. Research has shown that one of the reasons why people leave their jobs is because they feel underappreciated and undervalued. Being a company that makes staff wellness a priority is a sure way of reducing absenteeism and minimizing attrition. When staff are happy, they work better. When staff feel appreciated and valued, they become committed staff.

Inject some inspiration, motivation and mindfulness into your company today. 

Corporate Wellbeing 

Audiovisual Conference

Book Now

  • A two-hour hypnotherapy session including regression.
    2 hr
  • A subconscious reprogramming tape, created to your personal needs.
    30 min
  • 1-1 coaching sessions using a therapeutic approach
    1 hr
  • Creating change for you and your people
    1 hr

What do my clients think?

Sandy Beach

Anoop Mattoo

“They say that you meet people In your life for a reason. Well first Molly is not a person she is an angel and I am so glad I met her. It is no exaggeration to say that She has changed my life! Molly took the time out to understand me as a person. She was sensitive when needing to be and was informative of what to expect. I felt at ease with Molly from the beginning and I think this helped with the hypnotherapy. After being under Molly provides you with a recording to listen to for 21 days. I feel like I understand myself a lot better since meeting Molly she helped me unwrap my trauma and presented me with a new lease of life. Thank you, Molly, for giving me the gift of understanding me and your continued support.”

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